Risk management

Manage risks and capture opportunities – in real time

With risk management in Centuri, you can manage your business's risks and fix root causes instead of just fixing the symptoms. With a cyclical and proactive way of working, Centuri can help you capture new opportunities.


Is your company's risk management reactive??

Traditionally, risks in companies have been handled reactively. But reactive risk management is ineffective and can cause, among other things:

Missed opportunities

With reactive risk management, you can miss opportunities for innovation and growth because you are always one step behind. Not managing risks proactively creates unnecessary extra work because you need to deal with deviations and possible consequences - instead of spending time and resources on the work that drives the business forward.

Increased costs

Not reacting to risks in time leads to high costs compared to preventing or mitigating risks proactively. It requires unplanned resources such as emergency response teams, investigations, reclaims, and legal or regulatory compliance actions. These costs can strain budgets and hinder the organization's financial performance.

Inefficient resource allocation

When organizations focus primarily on reactive risk management, resources are allocated to fixing problems rather than preventing them. It can lead to a cycle of constantly dealing with the same or similar risks, over and over again.


From reactive to proactive risk management with Centuri

Centuri helps you proactively manage risks. With our risk management, you can minimize risks and take advantage of opportunities. It reduces costs, builds resilience and can more easily integrate risk management into the structure and culture of the business.

Some of the advantages of Centuri's risk management

ONE risk matrix for common prioritisations

With Centuri's risk matrix, you get a better overview of all risks in the business. It also acts as a filter so you can focus on the risks that matter most when identifying corrective and preventive actions.

See and learn across departmental boundaries

With Centuri, you can see and copy risks that have already been identified within similar work steps in other parts of the business. It simplifies the risk mapping and provides inspiration in the work.

Filter risks for increased overview and deeper insight

Different stakeholders can see the risks from their perspective. For example, a work environment manager can see all work environment risks and a department manager all risks linked to the department. Thanks to self-defined filters, you can follow the risks based on the dimensions you determined yourself in the configuration of the registry.

Connect actions and feedback

By connecting the risks in the matrix to preventive actions and securing feedback from deviation reporting, customer complaints etc you get control over the business in real time.

Capture all the risks in one place

Perform a proactive risk assessment


With the configurable register function, you can map and categorize all risks in the business in the ways that suit you. E.g. per department, work step, type of risk product or root cause category.

You can create a question tree to help with the categorization (e.g. HACCP), link to documents that describe what to do if an accident occurs, define critical measurement levels, etc.

Different stakeholders can then filter the risks from their perspective. A work environment manager can see all work environment risks, a department manager can see all risks linked to the department, etc. And you can also filter on the matrix itself to see the risks that have a certain risk level.

Ensure the quality of implementation

Implement preventive actions

Do-1Create improvement proposals to prevent identified risks.

With Centuri, you and your colleagues configure how the process for improvement measures should look. Determine process steps, from idea generation, selection and prioritization to implementation and follow-up. Decide who does what at each step. And set up forms that suit you, from standard text boxes and the ability to upload attachments or images, to interaction control to be able to communicate with external parties if necessary.

The measures are linked to the respective risk so that you can follow the development and update the risk figures based on the outcome of implemented measures.

Connect theory and reality

Ensure real time feedback

Check-1The only thing you know for sure is that it will never go exactly as planned. With Centuri, it's easy to get an overview of all the feedback that is made, whether it's internal deviations, customer complaints or rejections in an audit.

All feedback is easily linked to the respective risk, which means that you can quickly see trending errors and get an overall picture of the gap between theoretical and actual risks. You may even have completely missed important risks.

By having access to the incidents from within the risk view, you can also more easily see what actually happened and perform a better root cause analysis.

Act where it makes the most sense

Make adjustments where needed

Act-1Since you are now  able to follow operational risks and outcomes linked to what happens in real time, it becomes more clear what the actual probabilities and consequences are.

This makes it easier to prioritize and focus on the problems that matter - in reality.

And create new measures, delegate tasks, follow up the implementation and adjust the risk figures. Everything to not only solve the symptoms but actually develop the business for real.


Platform for continuous improvement

Centuri is an IT platform for information management that helps companies and organizations by making information search easier, by streamlining information processes and contributing to smarter digital ecosystems shaped according to the purposes and goals of the businesses.

  • User friendly
  • Intelligent search
  • Efficient proces support
  • Smooth integrations
  • Easy to adjust

Improve your company's risk management

If you want to know more about how to think when working with risks and continuous improvement, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to show you how our solution can facilitate your risk work and take your business forward.

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