Decrease information stress and improve job satisfaction

Solutions for Human Resource

Effective information management provides clarity, reduces stress, and promotes well-being. Something that is relevant for all HR professionals who want to create a joyful work environment. Centuri offers efficient support for several of the most information-intensive HR processes.

  • Employment and onboarding
  • Health and safety management
  • Ensuring competences
  • Digital staff handbook
Employment and onboarding

Onboarding should make everyone happy

Manage agreements. Ensure everything is in place before the first day of work. And make sure there is a clear onboarding process. Ensuring a successful onboarding experience is not always easy.

With Centuri, you can ensure that agreements are handled and approved by the right individuals, that everyone carries out their activities so that everything is in place when your new employee starts, and that the introduction covers all the intended aspects. With Centuri's robust authorization control and GDPR functionality, you can always trust the system to handle delicate information in a correct way. Book a demo
Get full control over competences and authorizations

Competence and qualifications

With Centuri Competence, you gain complete control over who possesses which skills and qualifications, and ensure that they are updated as needed.

You can easily track the entire history of trainings and certifications on an individual level, and you are a manager the system provides with a clear view of your organization's overall competence coverage for succession or vacation planning purposes.

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Active health and safety management makes a difference

Health and safety management

Regardless of which regulatory frameworks you are working under, the objective remains the same - to minimize risks and expenses in your operations while ensuring the well-being of your employees.

With Centuri, you can effortlessly conduct the necessary self-checks and risk assessments, ensuring that deviations are promptly reported and secure that appropriate actions are taken and followed through.

Additionally, you have the ability to efficiently manage incident and injury reporting - with seamless reporting to relevant authorities if applicable in your market. You can effectively monitor rehabilitation cases or even oversee a whistleblower function, among many other features.

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Difficult to get staff information out?

Digitize your staff handbook

Making it easier for line managers and employees to find HR-related information allows you to devote your time where it is truly needed.

With Centuri, you can effortlessly create a comprehensive employee and leadership handbook, complete with information and links directly to actionable processes for everything from vacation requests to expense reports and everything in between. Centuri's advanced search engine, permission control, and user-friendly filtering ensure that each team member finds the information they need, precisely when they need it.

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The Centuri platform

The best task is the one you don't need to perform

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