Contract management

Get control of all your contracts

Centuri's contract management system is designed to efficiently and securely handle a wide range of interests. With comprehensive support throughout the preparation process, advanced authorization control, and automated reminders based on specific agreement timelines, rest assured that all agreements will be handled and reviewed on time.

Contract management

Is it difficult to keep agreements and permits in order? 

Numerous businesses face the challenge of effectively managing the multitude of agreements they enter into. Whether it's supplier agreements, customer contracts, or government permits, these documents often contain crucial information and deadlines that must be meticulously monitored. Additionally, the need to securely store these contracts to safeguard trade secrets cannot be overlooked.

Unregulated management of contracts can lead to;

Exposure of proprietary information

An erroneous configuration of authorizations and confidentiality can result in the unauthorized disclosure of vital business information.

Failure to stay updated or adhere to termination procedures

Mistakes or delays in managing contracts can result in missed opportunities, decreased revenue, and avoidable expenses.

Legal conflicts

Neglecting proper contract management can result in vital contract terms being overlooked, signed contracts going missing or becoming untraceable, and important appendices and preparatory work being lost. This oversight can easily lead to conflicts and varying interpretations when dealing with counterparties.


Structured processes, privacy protection and controlled task management

With Centuri, you can effortlessly establish a robust framework for your company's contracts, guaranteeing control, transparency, and effective data management throughout their entire life cycle. Ultimately, Centuri empowers your organization to enhance efficiency and mitigate risks associated with contracts. Discover how Centuri's contract management solution can benefit your organization:

Deliver high-quality and secure agreement templates
  • Tailored templates for each agreement type
  • Automated inclusion of relevant contract details customized for different types of contracts

Efficiently streamline and ensure the quality of the process.
  • Streamline and simplify the entire contract process with standardized activities tailored to each agreement type.
  • Easily track changes between versions
  • Ensure data quality with a counterparty register.
  • Connect your main agreements with related annexes
  • Seamlessly integrate with e-signature solutions
  • Import incoming contracts effortlessly
  • Automatically calculate deadlines for termination or renegotiation.
  • Stay organized and on top of tasks with the ability to link multiple tasks to an agreement and receive timely reminders.
  • Stay informed with email notifications and ensure tasks are completed with automatic escalation.
Ensure correct and effective transparency
  • Experience role-based transparency management tailored to each contract type, granting distinct rights to contract managers, stakeholders, and administrators.
  • Have the option to designate specific agreements as confidential, ensuring utmost privacy and security.
  • Effortlessly search and sort contracts based on various criteria such as contract type, counterparty, category, and due date, enabling quick and efficient access to relevant information.

With Centuri, you have the chance to gather all of your company's agreements in a well-organized and supervised fashion. This provides key individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the contracts, preventing any from being misplaced or overlooked.


A platform for efficient information management

Centuri is a software platform for information management that helps companies and organizations by making searching for information easier, enabling optimal processes for different types of information and by contributing to smarter digital ecosystems shaped according to the purposes and goals of the businesses.

  • User friendly
  • Intelligent search
  • Efficient process support
  • Smooth integrations
  • Easy to adjust
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Stop wasting time on unnecessary work

Centuri is a comprehensive and intuitive system for information management that helps you increase the efficiency and quality of your business information while reducing information stress for employees. 

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