Document management

From document chaos to efficiency and decreased stress

With your document management in Centuri, you ensure that documents follow a specific process, that they are handled correctly throughout their life cycle and that they are easy to find. It not only reduces the mess, it reduces stress and the risk of making mistakes.


Does your document management collapse as soon as you look away?

Instructions, agreements, forms, routines and protocols. The list of documents that flow in a business can be made long. Getting an overview of all documents and making sure they are handled properly every day is a challenge.

Creating order is not the problem. The difficulty lies in keeping order over time. Many have probably tried to get everyone to name documents according to a certain set of rules, and tried to be clear about which information should be stored in which folder on the server or in the cloud. And everything usually works for about a month.

A poor system support for document management not only leads to a messy everyday life (which is hard enough) but also problems such as:

Double work (and no fun)
If the information is fragmented or you cannot find it, you run the risk of creating documents that already exist.

Wrong decisions
If the information is too old or incorrect, it can affect the decisions that are made.

Lack of overview
If the information is not found quickly and easily when you need it, no one will take it to heart. Something that quickly leads to shortcomings in common working methods and low commitment.


Efficiency and order, from creation to archiving

Centuri makes it easy for you to create a user friendly and efficient structure for your company's information - completely adapted to business, your ways of working and which regulations you need to follow.

In Centuri, you set up workflows for all types of documents so that they are handled correctly throughout their entire lifecycle – from creation to archiving. Effective document management is not just about storage. It's about the entire process - from templates to process support for review and approval, publishing, searchability, rights management and lifecycle management.

Centuri meets very strict requirements for traceability, version management and rights management. The stricter your regulatory requirements and the more complex your business, the more you will appreciate all the functionality in Centuri.

Here is a selection of features to help you keep your documents organized

Easy to find and read

  • Empower your team to access information effortlessly by publishing it across multiple folder structures. With just one update, you can ensure consistency throughout, eliminating the hassle of managing various versions and copies scattered across different locations.
  • Maintain a clear distinction between working documents and published ones, allowing only the latter to be visible to the public. This ensures a professional and polished image for your organization.
  • Easily identify any changes made by utilizing our comparison feature, enabling you to swiftly pinpoint differences between the current published version and previous editions.
  • Engage with your readers through our interactive comment function, enabling them to provide valuable feedback, seek clarification, or highlight any inaccuracies related to the document.

Effortlessly generate and oversee content

  • Effortlessly handle a wide range of file types, including text documents (such as MS Office files), audio files, videos, zip files, PDFs, and DWG files.
  • Get standardized processes for tasks like issuance, collaboration, referral, approval, and publication, tailored to each document type.
  • No limits to the number of document types you can manage, each with their own associated regulations.
  • Easy-to-manage templates in standard formats, automatically populating metadata and allowing customization for different document types.
  • Customize extended metadata, classifications, and categorizations specific to each document type.
  • Get complete lifecycle management for documents, including revision cycles, versioning, archiving, and thinning conditions.

Secure and compliant information handling

  • Control access to information areas and classify individual documents.
  • Receive digital acknowledgements of approvals and read-receipts.
  • Automatically clean out archived documents based on specified rules.
  • Handle personal data in compliance with GDPR through techniques like pseudonymization, thinning of form data according to specified regulations and record extracts.
  • Automatically export to a backup system in case of emergencies.
  • Use PDF/A format for seamless transfer to electronic archives.

A platform for efficient information management

Centuri is a software platform for information management that helps companies and organizations by making searching for information easier, enabling optimal processes for different types of information and by contributing to smarter digital ecosystems shaped according to the purposes and goals of the businesses.

  • User friendly
  • Intelligent search
  • Efficient process support
  • Smooth integrations
  • Easy to adjust 

Effective document management is not just about storage. It's about the entire process - from templates to process support for review and approval and management across the entire lifecycle.

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Stop wasting time on unnecessary work

Centuri is a comprehensive and intuitive system for information management that helps you increase the efficiency and quality of your business information while reducing information stress for employees. 

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