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Create a culture of continuous improvement

Effective and quality-assured processes are not something that is absolute and final, but something that you constantly need to develop in step with changing requirements and conditions.

Centuri helps you in the entire improvement cycle, from planning to follow-up.

  • Visualize processes
  • Manage risks
  • Find information quickly and easily
  • Ensure the quality of your flows
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Visualize processes

More than just process maps

With Centuri, you don't just get a drawing board where you can draw up your processes and connect documents to them.

With our integration to the 2c8 Modeling Tool, you get an object-based modeling tool. This means that objects are reused and you can see information from different perspectives - information models, roles and responsibilities, stakeholder models and much more. With built-in method support, you can also ensure that everyone "draws" the same. And of course you connect documents and executable processes in Centuri easily with drag-and-drop functionality. Läs mer om processhantering
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Manage risks

Manage risks and capture opportunities – in real time

With risk management in Centuri, you can manage your business's risks and fix basic problems instead of constantly dealing with symptoms.

Regardless of whether you work according to HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or Part11, proactive risk management is essential to minimize deficiencies in the business.

Centuri supports the entire PDCA cycle, from risk identification to action and feedback for corrections.

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Find information quickly and easily

User-centric and smart

Ensuring that staff find relevant and quality-assured information is a challenge for many quality managers.

With Centuri, you get an user-centered user experience with process maps, flexible and business-adapted tag structures and an intelligent free text search that provides a relevance-based search result based on who is searching.

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Ensure the quality of your flows

The right things at the right time

The process support in Centuri ensures that the right person does the right things at the right time.

With one of the market's most competent and configurable process engines, you set up or change the processes yourself. All to ensure that the right things are handled by the right person at the right time - no matter what.

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