Competence management

Keep track of competencies and authorizations

With Centuri's competence management, you keep track of whether the right employees are in the right place and that those performing the tasks are actually authorized to do so. You get a quick overview and good insight into the employees' skills and ensure that the reality reflects the skills needed in the business.


Difficult to keep track of employees' competencies and authorizations?

When the processes have been optimized, the human factor becomes an increasingly important part of the quality work. Without structured competence management, it is difficult to keep track of employees' competences and authorizations, which can lead to increased risks for the business and the individual's health and safety.

Unstructured competence and authorization management can cause: 

Competence gaps and wrong resources

Without an overview of which skills exist in the business, it is difficult to identify development needs and make the right resource allocation.

Increased quality defects in the work

Lack of control over whether employees actually have the skills needed for a specific work task increases the risk of errors, which can have consequences on quality, dissatisfied customers, direct errors in the work and increased health and safety risks.

Unclear mandates

Unclear authorization management and a lack of control over whether both parties actually accept which authorizations an individual has creates a basis for uncertainty and unclear mandates.


Improved structure, control and quality with correct competence management

With Centuri, you ensure that the employees have the skills and authorizations needed to run the business and you also get control over the need for skills - regardless of the type of business and what you work with.

A selection of functions that allow you to keep track of competencies and authorizations in the business: 

Overview of competencies and authorizations in the business
  • You can easily see who has what skills to perform specific tasks.
  • You can ensure staffing and succession planning.
  • Personal overview of all competencies and authorizations
Competence catalogs for all parts of your business
  • Parallel competence catalogs for different parts of the business with controlled transparency and approval flow
  • Ability to define validity period for authorization and update requirement
  • Sub-moments that can be reused in different competencies to minimize duplication of work by the employee.
  • The sub-steps can consist of both training information and work steps to be carried out under supervision.
  • Possibility to use videos, audio files or documents for training information.
  • Automatic registration of completed study activities
Quality assured processes
  • Progress indicator that shows the employee which sub-steps have been completed and which still need to be reviewed before it is time to send them off for approval
  • Approval flow with electronic signature
  • Possibility to define time-limited assignments and delegations with electronic receipt by both parties
  • Both parties can revoke permissions
Reminders to update competencies
  • When a skill needs to be updated, reminders go out in good time and the immediate manager is reminded and can support his employee.

Equipment and processes are becoming increasingly similar. The major competitive advantage lies in the people – in competence, culture, mandate and willingness to always deliver value


A platform for efficient information management

Centuri is a software platform for information management that helps companies and organizations by making searching for information easier, enabling optimal processes for different types of information and by contributing to smarter digital ecosystems shaped according to the purposes and goals of the businesses.

  • User friendly
  • Intelligent search
  • Efficient process support
  • Smooth integrations
  • Easy to adjust
Competence management

Keep track of your competences and authorizations

With Centuri, you have the opportunity to get the business's resources and allocation in order. Do you want to know more?

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