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In customer relations, it is crucial to provide prompt and accurate responses, delivering an exceptional customer experience. With efficient information management, you gain a comprehensive overview, handling everything from contracts to product information, managing customer issues, and quickly accessing support from the rest of the organization for complex matters or order fulfillment.

  • Find product information easily
  • Manage customer agreements
  • Right things to the right person
  • Find related cases easily
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Unsure of whether the product information is updated?

Find product information easily

Structured information flows with efficient lifecycle management allow you to feel secure in always having access to up-to-date information.

Centuri helps you streamline and ensure the quality of your information processes.

The responsibility for the information is clear, and the system serves as a reminder for product managers to review and update it. The information is published in a structured manner that is relevant for those in customer contact, so you never have to wonder if it's the right version.

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Secure terms and conditions and secure distribution

Manage contracts

When decisions need to be made quickly and directly in contact with the customer, it is essential to have secure access to all relevant information.

With Centuri, you can grant relevant personnel access to crucial information, such as contracts, without worrying about it falling into the wrong hands.

And with pre-made templates and clear issuance processes, you can ensure that agreements and quotes are accurate and that you don't miss any important terms and conditions.

Centuri safeguards your finances and trade secrets from leaking out.

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Handle different stakeholders and types of cases

Right things to the right person at the right time

Centuri offers you the opportunity to efficiently manage all types of cases and ensure that the right person gets involved at the right time.

With everything from IT support issues, quick and simple questions that can be handled immediately, to complex matters that require back and forth discussions, it is crucial to customize the flows to suit different needs.

With information management in Centuri, you can be confident that the right employee will be involved at the right time to solve customer problems, regardless of their location within the organization.

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Capitalize on your knowledge

Find related cases easily

With Centuri, you will effortlessly discover the simpler patterns and effectively harness the knowledge.

By conducting a simple quick search within cases, you can discover related cases. These could be previous cases involving the same customer, or information on how similar cases have been handled in the past. You can also link cases that pertain to the same issue and manage them more efficiently.

With the connection to the risk register, you can quickly get an overview of trending errors within the organization and gain a better understanding of the root causes. And of course, take appropriate actions and create knowledge articles that assist employees in better managing arising situations.

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