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Solutions for the digital workplace

The digital workplace naturally encompasses various applications - for online meetings, chats, and collaboration forums, among others. One of the most crucial components is solutions that enable process-oriented information management when employees cannot physically meet.

Centuri provides an efficient system for the digital workplace and digital workflows.

  • ONE platform for all types of information
  • Configurable and flexible
  • Security and integrity
  • Easy integrations
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ONE platform for all types of information

Information management for the whole organization

The digital workplace demands efficient digital process flows.

Cloud storage solutions are great, but to truly optimize your digital workspace, you need more.

With Centuri, you get a system that handles the entire lifecycle of your information, from creation to archiving. Complete process support, form configuration, and version control that ensure that you don't have scattered copies all over the place. Here you can manage anything from support cases and audits to documents, contracts, and more.

How it works
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Configurable and flexible

No-code for continuous development

Tired of systems that dictate how your business should function? Or where every change becomes a massive project?

With Centuri, you'll have a no-code platform that can be easily configured to meet the needs of your business. The configuration of forms includes a variety of ready-made form controls and can be done effortlessly through drag-and-drop. Additionally, process flows are set up in a way that allows you to easily visualize how they will function.

No technical development required and a strong support for agile business development.

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Security and integrity

Secure flows and full data integrity

Security and data integrity are essential for a secure digital workplace.

Centuri helps you ensure data integrity. Every change is logged, and with our process engine and lifecycle management, we guarantee that your information is handled exactly as you specify. Our authorization controls ensure that only authorized individuals can access or edit the information, providing complete security and peace of mind.

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Tired of disconnected information islands?

Easy integrations

Concern about not knowing where to find or store information. Duplication of work. Different copies of the same information scattered in different places. The result of disconnected information islands is evident.

With Centuri, you will gain access to a platform that seamlessly integrates into your IT architecture. It provides pre-built components for effortless information publication in the most intuitive places, open APIs for retrieving and delivering data from other sources, and the ability to enable events from one system to trigger activities in another. All of this is designed to automate processes and reduce the need for manual work.

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The Centuri platform

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