Process visualisation

More than just process maps

With Centuri, you don't just get a drawing board where you can draw up your processes and connect documents to them. Instead, we have integrated the 2c8 Modeling Tool, an object-based tool, which gives you a whole new perspective on developing your business.

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Difficult to get an overview of your operations?

How are the processes related to the organization? Which systems are used in which processes? Who is responsible for what? Which requirements affect which processes. In which forums are decisions made?

The questions surrounding how the business is actually intended to function can be many, and consensus and overview are crucial for the success of the business. A clear visualization of the management system is often good to help employees gain an overview.

With simpler process-drawing tools, unfortunately, the challenges of making the different dimensions fit together often become large and involve a lot of duplication of work.

A lack of method support leads to employees using different symbols, and it's hard to harmonize and understand the different processes and models. And without a good process support for review and approval, there is a great risk of a lack of consensus.


View your business from all perspectives

With Centuri and 2c8, you get a management system that provides an overview of the business and a system where theory becomes reality with executable processes.

Here is a selection of features to help you create a visual and living management system

Share responsibility and draw similarly
  • Built-in method support that allows you to set an operational standard about which objects are used for what. Allows users to draw similarly even if they are not sitting next to each other
  • Process support that ensures review and approval so process owners have full control over what is approved and what is not
  • Version management
Link documents, risks and executable processes
  • Full access to all documents in Centuri, which can be dragged and dropped over models and activities in the maps
  • Easy connection of new documents to process maps in the creation process
  • Link between process activities and risks in the risk register
  • Ability to connect executable processes directly to the maps
  • Linking to external systems from the maps
See the business from all perspectives
  • 2c8 is object-based, which means that the objects are reused and if you change in one place, it affects all the places where the object is used without extra work.
  • Visualization can be done from a variety of perspectives; process, information models, RASCI, stakeholder models, organization, requirements, etc.
  • Publication in Centuri or on e.g. Intranet
  • All models are also translated into a folder structure for those who prefer to search for information in a more traditional way

2c8 is object-based, which means that if an object is changed in one place, it affects all places where the object is used. It also means that it is easy to switch between different views and see the same information from different perspectives.


A platform for efficient information management

Centuri is a software platform for information management that helps companies and organizations by making searching for information easier, enabling optimal processes for different types of information and by contributing to smarter digital ecosystems shaped according to the purposes and goals of the businesses.

  • User friendly
  • Intelligent search
  • Efficient process support
  • Smooth integrations
  • Easy to adjust 
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Stop wasting time on unnecessary work

Centuri is a comprehensive and intuitive system for information management that helps you increase the efficiency and quality of your business information while reducing information stress for employees. 

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2c8 has been a partner for many years and offers a market-leading solution for visualizing business processes, organization, etc.

Centuri is based on the idea of "best-of-breed". This means that we focus on what we are good at and create partnerships with products that complement our competence. Everything to give you as a customer the absolute best solution instead of trying to be mediocre at a lot of things ourselves.

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