Full control - from grain to loaf

Food industry

Centuri assists numerous renowned food manufacturers in complying with regulations and establishing seamless digital processes that facilitate easy access to information and guarantee no important details are overlooked.


  • Visualizes your processes
  • Enables systematic quality development
  • Make it easy to find the right information
  • Ensure quality with digital workflows

Challenges in the food industry

The food industry is constantly facing new challenges when it comes to maintaining quality and safety standards. As a supplier, it is crucial to not only focus on traditional food safety concerns but also to recognize the vulnerability in raw material supply. This increasing demand requires the ability to swiftly address production errors and adapt the entire organization to changes within the value chain. Proactive risk management, quick adaptability, and the ability to gather feedback from customers and the organization are now essential for achieving success in this industry.

Centuri as a solution

Centuri offers a flexible and customizable software solution that effortlessly adjusts to the specific needs of every organization.
With our extensive experience and close partnerships with major food manufacturers, we have developed a system that perfectly aligns with the industry's requirements. Our solution encompasses everything from mapping processes and conducting risk analyses to performing self-checks, maintaining control documents, managing deviations, handling complaints, and conducting audits. Whether you adhere to HACCP, ISO 22000, FSC 22000, BRC, or any other industry standard, Centuri empowers you to stay on top of it all and continuously enhance your operations.

Get a better overview of the business

Map and visualize your processes

centuri9_processer_clear-1-2By integrating Centuri with 2c8, you unlock more than just a drawing board; you gain access to a powerful modeling tool. With this tool, you can effortlessly map processes, design information models, and establish clear roles and responsibilities across your entire organization.

With 2c8's object-based approach, you have the power to explore information from every angle imaginable. Create dynamic dashboards that display key figures and track your business with ease. Seamlessly connect instructions to each process and activity, and even initiate executable processes like reporting deviations directly from the map.

Manage risks proactively

Supports systematic quality development

Skärmavbild 2023-06-09 kl. 13.36.04With Centuri's Risk module, you gain the power to conduct proactive risk analysis, no matter if it pertains to HACCP, VACCP, TACCP, BRC, FSC, ISO 22000, or any other industry standard. Uncover crucial points, establish metrics, and integrate routines with the relevant standard. With Centuri's executable processes, you can proactively establish preventive measures and ensure implementation and follow-up.

Additionally, by linking any deviations or complaints to identified risks, you can swiftly identify recurring errors and gain a deeper understanding of their underlying causes. Remember, it's often the case that reality and theory can be two different things...

Filter out the noice

Personalized search results

Skärmavbild 2023-06-09 kl. 13.05.10Experience a personalized user journey with Centuri, where finding relevant information becomes effortless and efficient.

Our advanced search algorithms guarantee precise and tailored results in text searches, while our intuitive filters allow you to further refine and display only the most relevant information.

The tag structure simplifies the organization of information based on what feels most intuitive to find. You can create parallel structures for various standards, departments, and products. Any changes made in one place will automatically update everywhere it is published.

If you have team members who aren't tied to their computers all day, we've got you covered. With the assistance of our REST-based APIs and Iframes, we can seamlessly display the information directly in your production systems. Not only that, but we also have well-established procedures to ensure the quality of publishing on bulletin boards, binders, and more.

Correct information at the right time

Quality assured digital workflows

Skärmavbild 2023-06-09 kl. 13.17.50Centuri's process support guarantees that tasks are assigned to the appropriate individuals at the right moment. Be it approving a document, managing deviations, ensuring authorizations, overseeing project activities, or conducting self-checks/audits.

With our highly competent and customizable process engine, you have the power to effortlessly establish or modify processes without the need for extensive research or technical expertise.

This guarantees that tasks are efficiently handled by the most suitable individuals precisely when they are needed.

Furthermore, having complete control over every aspect of the process allows for seamless monitoring of outcomes. Whether you prefer generating comprehensive reports within Centuri or integrating them into a robust business intelligence solution, tracking and analyzing results becomes effortlessly convenient.

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Centuri as a management system

Centuri is a comprehensive and intuitive information system that help you create a living management system.

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