Full control - from nuts and bolts to finished product

Manufacturing industry

Centuri is a software platform that facilitates efficient informations management and systematic and real-time improvement work tailored to the unique conditions and requirements of the manufacturing industry.


  • Control throughout the entire value chain
  • Enables systematic quality improvement
  • Make it easy to find the right information
  • Ensure quality with digital workflows

Challenges in the manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry has emerged as a leader in digital transformation, embracing concepts like Industry 4.0 and 5.0 to automate production processes and enhance efficiency. However, the current challenge lies in transitioning from linear value chains, where companies are responsible for the entire process, to dynamic ecosystems where they only handle certain aspects of the value chain. This shift demands a new level of signal capturing and collaboration involving employees, suppliers, and customers in quality assurance. Consequently, the need for traceability has become increasingly significant.

In the realm of automation and robotization, the driving force has always been the ability to pinpoint downtime or costs within the manufacturing process. However, in a dynamic ecosystem, it becomes equally crucial to comprehend the price tag of incorrect knowledge and the consequences of failing to connect with one another at the right time with the right information. Remarkably, surveys reveal that almost 30% of our working hours are spent searching for and verifying the quality of information. In essence, those who triumph in this endeavor have the potential for great success.

Centuri as a solution

Centuri is a versatile and customizable application that effortlessly adjusts to the specific needs of every organization. With Centuri, you can guarantee that individuals have seamless access to the precise information they require, precisely when and where they need it.

Centuri empowers you to safeguard the success of your business and foster value creation, even in the face of a constantly evolving world. By seamlessly adapting to changing requirements through digital flows, Centuri provides you with a comprehensive overview of all aspects, ranging from product development and delivery checks to exceptional customer support. Uncover the hidden costs of quality deficiencies and delve into the root causes, all with the help of Centuri's intuitive platform.

Centuri embraces and incorporates various methodologies from Six Sigma and Lean, empowering you to foster a culture of continuous learning and systematic improvement across all aspects of your organization, from processes and methods to competence.

Furthermore, Centuri allows you to effortlessly maintain a comprehensive record of all documentation associated with diverse certifications, irrespective of whether you adhere to ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, emerging sustainability standards like ESRS, or any other relevant criteria. This valuable feature serves as an added benefit, ensuring that you stay organized and compliant with industry regulations.

Keep track of the entire value chain

Complete solution for quality assurance


Centuri enables you to digitize the information flows in the entire value chain, from product development to customer support.

With 2c8, you have the power to create and bring to life the intricate web of business processes through modeling and visualization.

With our document management system, you gain complete mastery over all crucial and ancillary paperwork. Our contract management feature guarantees efficient oversight of contracts and permits.

In addition, our cutting-edge digital workflows and tools empower you to seamlessly execute essential processes such as monitoring deliveries, enhancing product development, conducting self-assessments and internal audits, managing internal orders, addressing customer complaints, and providing exceptional support, among other critical matters.

Manage risks proactively

Supports systematic quality development

Skärmavbild 2023-06-09 kl. 13.36.04Our digital flows and tools provide comprehensive support for a range of methodologies including 8D, Six Sigma (DMAIC, FMEA, APQP, LPA etc.), and Lean.

With Centuri's Risk module, conducting proactive risk analyses, identifying critical risks, defining metrics, and implementing preventive measures becomes effortless. Furthermore, by establishing a connection between deviations, complaints, and risks, you can promptly spot emerging errors and gain a deeper understanding of their root causes.

And by utilizing the Competence module in Centuri, you guarantee that the organization possesses the expertise and proficiency to execute tasks accurately and effectively.

Filter out the noice

Intelligent information management

Skärmavbild 2023-06-09 kl. 13.05.10Centuri empowers you to securely manage all your instructions, routines, product documentation, and checklists effortlessly. Ready-made templates simplifies the writing process, ensuring accuracy. Collaborative process flows, referrals, quality reviews, and approvals guarantee quality and correct anchoring. With versioning and lifecycle management, your documents are always up-to-date. Our publication governance ensures that the necessary individuals read and acknowledge the information.

For users, our advanced tagging system and intelligent search algorithms efficiently sift through the clutter, enabling them to swiftly locate the most pertinent information. Ensuring the right information is delivered at the right moment.

If you have team members who aren't always at their desks, we've got you covered. Our REST-based APIs and Iframes make it possible to seamlessly display information on your intranet or directly within your production systems. Not only that, but we also have reliable procedures in place to ensure quality when publishing on bulletin boards, binders, and more.

Correct information at the right time

Quality assured digital workflows

Skärmavbild 2023-06-09 kl. 13.17.50Centuri's process support guarantees that tasks are assigned to the appropriate individuals at the precise moment they are needed. Whether it involves document approval, deviation handling, authorization assurance, project activity management, or self-checks/audits, Centuri ensures that everything is done correctly and efficiently.

With our highly capable and customizable process engine, you have the power to design and modify your own processes effortlessly, eliminating the need for extensive research and technical expertise.

This guarantees that tasks are expertly assigned to the appropriate individuals precisely when they are needed, ensuring that everything is handled correctly and efficiently.

Furthermore, by having complete control over every aspect of the workflow, tracking and analyzing the outcomes becomes a seamless process. Whether you prefer generating comprehensive reports within Centuri or seamlessly integrating them into a powerful BI solution, the ability to monitor results becomes effortless.

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Centuri as a management system

Centuri is a comprehensive and user-friendly information management solution that empowers you to establish a dynamic and thriving management system.

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