Secure compliance and user friendliness

Healthcare industry

Centuri is a comprehensive solution for healthcare and medical laboratories. It surpasses the  regulatory requirements set by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, including those for accredited areas.

With its remarkable power and adaptability, Centuri provides tailored solutions to address the diverse needs of the business and offer a user-friendly experience for the employees.

  • User-friendly and simple
  • Supports systematic quality work
  • Ensures competence and authorizations
  • Meets the toughest regulatory requirements
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Challenges within healthcare

Healthcare is an industry that encompasses a vast array of requirements and conditions, making it unique among businesses. From the meticulous standards and authorizations in laboratories to the urgent and fast-paced nature of emergency healthcare, and even the need for simplicity and mobility in home care.

Clear and straightforward information management is of utmost importance in healthcare, considering the fact that many users possess only basic IT skills and language barriers sometimes complicate matters even further.

Furthermore, healthcare relies heavily on the expertise and capabilities of individuals, making it imperative to guarantee that all staff members possess the necessary skills and authorizations to effectively carry out their responsibilities.

In a fast-paced industry where time is of the essence, it becomes crucial to efficiently implement quality improvement processes with minimal effort.

Being a highly regulated industry, healthcare organizations must adhere to strict standards and requirements to ensure compliance. These regulations demand extensive documentation and traceability, which can lead to the creation of cumbersome manual administrative processes without adequate system support. As a result, healthcare providers often face challenges in finding information quickly and maintaining well-documented workflows.  

Centuri as solution

Centuri is a dynamic and adaptable system that empowers you to take complete command of every aspect of your organization. With Centuri at your disposal, you can effortlessly ensure compliance with regulations and prioritize patient safety, all while seamlessly bridging the gap between theoretical planning and real-world execution.

Centuri transforms your management system into a dynamic and practical tool for your staff, creating a seamless environment where locating, organizing, and preserving documents, managing risks, actions, and deviations, as well as ensuring competence and authorizations, becomes effortless.

With a rich history of 25 years in developing management systems for healthcare and medical laboratories, and a strong client base that includes numerous large healthcare providers, we are the trusted choice for those seeking a system that truly excels in the industry.

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User-friendly and simple

Create a living management system

Skärmavbild 2023-06-09 kl. 13.05.10Make it easy for your employees to avoid unnecessary work.

Easily create accurate content with the help of pre-designed templates. Streamlined processes for managing, reviewing, and approving ensure that information is delivered to the right individuals at the right moments, eliminating the need for excessive thinking.

For those seeking information, our advanced technology, including process images, tag structures, and intelligent search algorithms, streamlines the filtering process to quickly deliver only the most relevant content. Ensuring accurate information reaches the right recipients.

Plus, with Centuri, you can rest assured that seamless functionality is guaranteed across all devices, be it a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. This empowers you to effortlessly peruse documents, report any deviations, or conduct self-checks without the need for any special apps that need updating. Moreover, the user-friendly interface is reminiscent of Microsoft's, making it effortlessly comprehensible for all users.

Supports systematic quality work

Ensure continuous improvements


Centuri empowers your business to embark on a digital transformation journey, revolutionizing the way information is managed and utilized across all its facets.

With 2c8, you have the power to design and visualize your business processes, while our document management system provides you with complete control over all the essential and supporting documentation at every stage of its life cycle.

Centuri's case management empowers you to effortlessly create workflows for various processes such as product development, deviations, complaints, audits, and more.

Centuri's Risk Management solution offers comprehensive traceability of all the risks within your business, enabling you to connect measures and closely monitor any deviations related to these risks.

By implementing Competence and Authorization management, you guarantee that all individuals possess the necessary expertise to successfully execute designated tasks.

Ensures competence and authorizations

Ensure the competence

centuri9_processer_clear-1-2Providing excellent and safe care to patients entails more than just implementing controlled and efficient working methods and processes. It primarily revolves around having highly skilled and dedicated employees who strive to consistently deliver the most positive experience possible, especially in sensitive situations.

With Centuri, you can entrust the system to guarantee competences, authorizations, as well as delegations and assignments.

The competence catalog provides a comprehensive display of relevant skills for different employees, eliminating the need for repeating activities already performed to acquire additional competences. Our system includes process flows that ensure the appropriate person approves each step, along with automatic reminders for renewal. Additionally, you'll have access to a personal skills overview and the essential overview for succession and vacation planning.

In the module for managing competences and authorizations, you can also oversee delegations and assignments, ensuring that both parties accept them and maintaining a record of their up-to-date status.

Meets the toughest regulations

A system for the whole business

Skärmavbild 2023-06-09 kl. 13.36.04The healthcare industry faces the ongoing challenge of adapting to the evolving demands of various business sectors. While some areas can function with simpler features, others are subject to rigorous regulations.

Centuri empowers you to effortlessly tailor the system to meet diverse requirements, with the utmost confidence that it can handle even the most demanding needs. This allows you to seamlessly manage all your information in one centralized location, eliminating the frustration among your employees of not being sure where to find which information.

Centuri provides comprehensive assistance in managing the lifecycle and ensuring traceability through an efficient audit trail, covering even the smallest alterations made to individual form fields. Moreover, it offers a convenient reading log with receipts for a seamless information management experience. The electronic signature functionality effortlessly fulfills all the requirements outlined in FDA Part 11, including robust password management capabilities.

We meticulously ensure the quality of every new product version, guaranteeing that any changes made will not disrupt your current configurations. Our pre-made validation templates make upgrades easier, streamlining your work process.

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Centuri as a management system

Centuri is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that empowers you to effortlessly establish a dynamic and thriving management system.

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