Case management

Ensure the right actions at the right time

Case management in Centuri allows you to easily manage a variety of different types of cases and flows in your business. For example, deviations, improvement measures, audits and self-checks, incidents and damages, rehabilitation investigations, supplier checks, development projects, complaints and other types of customer matters and a variety of other flows that are otherwise handled manually with the risk of things falling through the cracks.

Centuri saves time, increases control and security and ensures follow-up of important events.


Do things fall through the cracks?

There are many cases that are handled in a business and there is a great risk that things will fall through the cracks. Having good structure, processes and control can be difficult, and the absence of good IT support can lead to major consequences.

Poor IT support for case management risks contributing to:

Lack of reporting of events

If it is too difficult, employees will simply stop reporting incidents. Hopefully, the problem that has arisen will be solved, but without documentation, the risk is high that you will experience the same problem again and again.

Inefficient operations

Poor case management can cause a halt in processes and make work messy. No one knows what they are expected to do and employees don't get access to what they need when they need it. It can cause long processing times, more manual work and extra energy to get control of the situation.

Lost development potential

Without good case management, it is difficult both to cope with daily work and to create effective improvement work. Unstructured case management can lead to lost information and incomplete or incorrect basis for important decisions.


Focus on the right actions with efficient case management

With Centuri, you and your colleagues get better control of your case management. You can easily manage workflows, create cyclical cases with reminders and customize flows.

Here is a selection of features that make managing cases easy: 

Easy to design and customize as needed

  • Drag-and-drop graphical configurator for setting up flows and forms.
  • Flexible design of forms; possibility to lay out forms in several columns, on several pages or as a flow.
  • Can handle digital checklists, process flows, collection cases, cyclical cases, etc
Easy to use
  • Adapts responsively depending on the screen and works just as well on a mobile phone or tablet as a computer
  • Conditional control of forms; choices in the form determine what else needs to be filled in to avoid the noise
  • Conditional control of flow; control of recipients depending on choices in the form
  • Automatic email reminders
  • Lookups against other systems and automatic filling in of information
  • Ability to display related cases, e.g. similar types, same customer, etc
  • Built-in interaction control with ticket function for easier e-mail communication with external parties
  • Possibility to delegate tasks in a case to different people, keep track of the status and set time limits.
  • Ability to upload attachments using drag-and-drop or directly from the mobile camera
  • Possibility to create collection cases and connect sub-cases (for example audits, onboarding, etc.)
  • Easy to create print templates for different purposes
  • Built-in report function for extracting statistical reports
Safe and secure information handling
  • Management of cases based on role, unit affiliation and groups/skills teams
  • Ability to limit visibility of individual form sections
  • Ability to automatically delete personal data based on predefined regulations (GDPR), and still keep the case for learning
  • Complete reading log
  • Change log, all the way down to the form field level
Integral part of your eco system
  • REST-based APIs for connection to other systems such as financial systems, telephony platforms, web forms or the like
  • Ability to "trigger" activities based on events in other systems
  • Possibility to automate flows to other systems

A platform for efficient information management

Centuri is a software platform for information management that helps companies and organizations by making searching for information easier, enabling optimal processes for different types of information and by contributing to smarter digital ecosystems shaped according to the purposes and goals of the businesses.

  • User friendly
  • Intelligent search
  • Efficient process support
  • Smooth integrations
  • Easy to adjust 

With Centuri, you get a better overview of all your matters and increased control. It saves time, increases the efficiency and security of cases and improves processing and management.

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Stop wasting time on unnecessary work

Centuri is a comprehensive and intuitive system for information management that helps you increase the efficiency and quality of your business information while reducing information stress for employees. 

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